Teeth Grinding vs. Clenching

When a balanced bite, where teeth contact is maximized, is not achieved during the day, our brain signals the chewing muscles to go to work with one instruction – to grind everything on its path.

Headaches caused by TMJ problems: What should I do?

Do you feel frequent headache? What causes it? Is it just because of lack of sleep or skipped meal or stress? Do you really think that it is just a normal headache? Do you know that temporomandibular joint might also be a cause of your headache?

When your bite is not right, mind the bite!

The temporomandibular joint can be a tough tongue twister. More commonly referred to as the “TMJ” , this joint hinges your jaw to your temporal bones making your facial and jaw movements possible.

Debunking TMD myths

Nowadays, you can easily access and spread information virtually or through internet by just a touch of a button and this brought convenience to us.

Common Symptoms You Didn’t Know Were TMJ-Related

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a complex joint connected to different muscles and nerves – not just in your face, but even to your neck and back.

How Do I Know If I Have TMJ Disorder?

There are many symptoms that come with TMJ disorder. Unfortunately, most of them are common with other illnesses.