There's more to oral health than just your teeth.

DBU Dental Care is an established oral healthcare center that blends in advanced dental technology with modern-day services. Our mission is to advocate the positive effect of oral health in the day-to-day lifestyle by providing innovative and reliable dental solutions.

Current processes and resources champion multiple oral rehabilitation services. As such, our facility is equipped with specialized diagnostic and treatment technologies for a wide spectrum of dental, orthodontic, and TMJ conditions.

Since its establishment in 2013, D.B.U Dental Care constantly looks to grow its knowledge and experience to forward its vision of becoming the leading oral rehabilitation in Southeast Asia.

Leading the D.B.U Dental Care team is Dr. Diana Uy, a visionary practitioner who shares the thrust of the clinic at heart. Dr. Uy has a specialization in TMJ (Bite & Jaw) & orafacial pain management, as well as a deep knowledge and experience in orthodontics.

Our team is composed of dynamic professionals honed by their experience and expertise. D.B.U Dental Care is committed in providing superior customer service along with providing innovative solutions.